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Host a Party

Light of Es'Scents all natural soy wax candles and home accessories are hitting the markets.  Be the first to share this exciting new way to create memorable experiences that you and your guests will savor, even after the party ends.
As a party host, you'll take advantage of our amazing Light of Es'Scents host rewards program that includes free products, half priced items, and free gifts.  Plan your party today!

Host a Party and Earn Free Candles

Let your friends and family know that you are hosting a candle party and invite them over for a fun girls night out at your home.  I will provide you with invitations to send to your guests about 2 weeks prior to your party.
Refreshments will be provided by Light of Es'Scents. Earn free candles, free gifts and much more. Book your Party today and start earning your free gifts!
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